Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baby Steps.....

Hey there!

I thought you would all be happy to hear that I have taken a few baby steps in removing the word perfect from my vocabulary.  At work I have been tackling projects in smaller sections and also walking to see someone if I have a question instead of my usual email. 
Behold the power of the White Board!! I <3 "To-Do" Lists!

To boot I spoke with a stranger! (don't worry mom, he wasn't trying to give me candy or help him look for his lost puppy by getting in his van).

To celebrate the roomies promotion at her job I stopped by a local liquor store on my commute home.  One of the employees asked me if I needed help (which lets be honest, this girl knows her way around a liquor store).  I mentioned that I was looking for a good celebratory champagne for the evening (also, let it be known that I cannot say Champagne without saying it in my best Christopher Walkin's impression from SNL!). 

He recommended this delicious (AND LOCAL!) sparkling wine from Westport.  It was YUMMY!!!  The Westport Winery makes an affordable bubbly just right for celebrating new beginnings!!

mmmmm  bubbles!!!!

After talking about wine for a minute he started telling me all about their beer tastings on Fridays and even gave me a sample of Guinness (hehe, little did he know I was an avid fan of the delicious stout!)

I was so proud of myself for engaging in small talk, not only did I find an amazing wine, but foudn a new Friday evening activity to participate in!

As for running... well those are literal baby steps.  A nasty head cold has kept me from breathing never mind attempting to run the past week,  However, in the name of baby steps and removing the personal pressures to be perfect I am just going to show up on Sunday, run and have a great time in costume with friends!  And yes, part of me believing that is to type it here for you to all read and throw it back at me on Sunday when I break out into a nervous sweat!!

Tomorrow I promise to bring back Favorite Friday's and give you a glimpse into an EPIC Halloween Costume "Bahstan" style and what I will be wearing at the race oh so early on Sunday!

Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

P.S.  What baby steps are you working on to get closer to your personal goals?