Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dirty 30 & Sweet Potato Hash!

Hello all... I have been away so long!  I am still working on my post from my glorious vacation. But thanks to a broken camera, board meetings at work and general life craziness I have been putting off blogging.  Well today I am coming back!

See today is my 30th bday!  Yup, you would have thunk with a face like that :)  I thought the perfect way to some up a my feelings for today and this weekend  is by showing you all the hilarious card my roomie Chuck (not her real name, haha) got me....
Some occasions just call for fancy!
That's right! What better time to get all dolled' up than your birthday!  I may not be in a party dress today at work (can you picture that!) but I did give myself a fun manicure and made sure to brush & straighten the fro' today.

This evening I will be celebrating 30 years of being a girly tomboy by welcoming the 2010/11 season of the Bruin's! Our favorite manly men will be taking on the New York Rangers in their first preseason match-up.

It is a well known fact that I love all things Mighty Ducks (hello.. bash brothers, Charlie and the flying V!) but admittly my knowledge of current actual players is limited.  Lets hope seeing the new up and comers tonight will give me a bit more street cred' in my Canadian Hockey Obsessed workplace :)

Alright and now for the most cozy delicious comfort breakfast for dinner recipe...  Sweet Potato Hash!  Yesterday I had the biggest craving for a yummy sweet potato but no idea how to prep it.  After many google searches and scans of my cookbooks I came up with an experiment of Sweet Potato Hash with Yokey Egg. (who doesn't love breakfast for dinner, don't lie! you know you love pancakes and bacon at 7pm!!)

As I searched the fridge and pantry I decided on the following ingredients for what was to become breakfast bliss!

1/2 Large Onion
1 Leek
1 Green Pepper
Goat Cheese
Sweet Potato (duh!)
Corriander & Garlic Powder
Worcestershire Sauce

I sauteed the onion, pepper, leek in butter until soft and then added the diced sweet potato.  As that cooked I doused it in spices, worcestershire sauce and a bit of white wine to help cook the potatoes (you could use a dash of water or broth) helps get the bits off the pan.
mmm... more One Pot Wonder Goodness!
While that was cooking down and getting crispy I fried up 2 eggs sunny side up. Let it be known that I am the most impatient person EVER when it comes to frying eggs..  I never not break the yolk or I heat the pan to high and end up with a black egg from all the burnt PAM on the pan.  However this evening I fought every natural urge to turn up the heat, poke at it, flip it to early or stare at evily to cook faster.. Instead I grabbed the camera for a few action shots!

low and slow...
almost ready.. put down the spatula lady!

The result you ask.... (besides learning that yes.. patience is a virtue) was a perfectly cooked egg that was still a bit runny and a glorious yellow yolky center!  I plated my hash, crumbled some yummy goat cheese over it and then GENTLY placed my perfect egg over the hash.  The final outcome was a delicious combination of salty, sweet and perfectly gooey for a brisk fall night!
nom nomm nommm!!!!
This was definitely a dinner experiment SUCCESS that I will be making again in the future.

Ok dear friends,  off to finish off the day and prepare to cheer on the B's! I will be sure to take plenty of pics and not wait another 3 weeks to fill you all in.

Have a great day!