Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bruins, Blood & Beer

Strange title you say... well yes and before you ask, no I did not get into a bar fight on my 30th bday!  (plus if I ever did, I would have to have my big sis AQ there with me! long story for another day...)  The title refers to the Bruin's 2010 Rookie Game which kicked off the preseason at the Gahhden'

I can say that I am casual hockey fan and have seen my fair share of fights at high school, college and minor league games over the years. But NEVER have I seen so many fights in one game than I did last night!   According to my sidekick for the evening & guest blogger aka "assistant captain" for Stanley Cup of Chowder Blog these Rookies are all fighting for spots on the roster and trying to get themselves noticed by the coaches.   I could barely keep the camera clicking fast enough, every time I put down the camera another Bash Brother's style beating disagreement on the ice was occurring. 

And now for the blood... this player was elbowed and dropped to the ice.  Before 11,000 Bs fans could stop yelling at him to get up, his face opened up and gave the look of every cheesy B rated horror you have ever seen... A+ to this kid for staying conscious and not crying like me a little girl who lost her puppy!
Player is 2nd from your left, being held up by teammates....
That stain is AFTER they scraped the ice!
Let's just say that this girl is very happy she ate her semi-edible stadium pizza before all this fighting! There are no pictures of that to share, one because I was STARVING and there was no way my stomach was going to let me snap pictures of food when I could be eating. Secondly, it was not the most photogenic pizza and I am pretty sure you would rather see blood stains than evidence of a sub-par pie so close to the North End.

I did however manage to subdue my stomach long enough with the pizza to capture one of the many reasons I welcome fall every year! (Besides the end of frizzy hair, apple picking, fall TV lineup and back to school shopping... yeah, yeah I know I am 30 but you all know you love back to school shopping at any age! No judging!!)

Without further adieu please welcome to Sailing Foodie the wonder that is...... (please do your own drumroll ...)

So spicy, refreshing and crisp!  Nothing welcomes in fall and your 30s better than that my friends!

Overall I could not have asked for a better way to ring in 30! Good ole' American sporting event, cold beer and watching a bunch of jacked up kids fight their way to glory! 

Today I am off to visit a ship for work.  Finally you all will be able to see the Sailing side of this sailing foodie!

What is your favorite sporting event?

What one thing to you kicks off fall?