Friday, August 13, 2010

Why I love Boston in the Summer

I have a packed weekend of crazy fun planned that I will share with everyone later (think boats, Brazilian Blowout experiment thanks to GroupOn and perhaps a local BBQ at SoWa!) but I wanted to write a quick post about why I love where I live (especially in the summer months). 

Last night I had the pleasure of having a few cocktails with the fabulous MF at Kinsale Pub in Government Center.  On the way to the pub we walked through the North End which just so happened to be preparing for the Fishermans Feast this weekend.  The streets were packed with people enjoying food, cocktails and local goods from area shops. You would have thought you were winding the back streets of Rome! As we made our way out of the North End into Faneuil Hall there was a drum group playing with at least 50 people stopped listening and dancing with no concern for those around them.  It made me think how alive this city is and that even with no plans you can find yourself engulfed in new sites, sounds, flavors and experiences around every bend. At Kinsale we tried a new cocktail that was a mix of white grape juice and champagne!  So refreshing and perfect for the summer!  And being the classy ladies that we are, we paired our champagne with loaded nachos (complete w/ spinach and artichoke dip!) and Truffle Oil Tater Tots!  You may be thinking Beth.... "Nachos n' Champagne?!  Really.. but I promise you it was absolutely wonderful!
You know you are now craving these nachos!

mmm.....  Tater Tots!

From there we met up with the always uber cool Fritzy at Coogan's for trivia and people watching (the $1 drafts didn't hurt either).  I would like to congratulate the "Coogan Cougars" for their victory! Again, on a simple Thursday night we were able to experience old world Italy, an Irish Pub and Trivia  with new friends all within 10 blocks of each other. 

So where do you like head out in Boston or your city?  What amazing "hidden jewel" have you discovered when just exploring your neighborhood?

Have a great weekend!