Friday, August 20, 2010

A week in review...

As I prepare for a weekend of food bliss that will include Restaurant Week stops and a trip to the cape with the Whalen Clan I thought I would share with everyone my food adventures over the past week.  There were a food experiments, summer evening drinks with coworkers and a welcome home dinner for the roomie with my new Cuisinart Griddle thanks to RueLaLa

Instead of writing a super long post I am going to recap my week in town w/ pictures!  A special thanks to "The Spirit of Boston", Marc Harris Salon, Salumeria's in the North End and the Danversport Yacht Club for a great 7 days!

HC's Dirty 30th Party on the Spirit of Boston!
Summer in full bloom downtown
Giant Hammock installation in the Rose Kennedy Green way
Homemade Panini w/ Prosciutto & Burrata thanks to Salumeria's Deli

Incredible Grapenut Pudding at Danversport Yacht Club!
Ginger Soy Pork Burgers made at Casa Dorset
End result of burgers w/ TJs wild rice. nom nomm nomm

Amazing Hair cut from Anthony at Marc Harris!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and check back soon for a review on the Union Bar & Grill and what culinary wonders HC and I create on the Cape this weekend!