Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One Pot Dinner!

For those of you out there that know me, have eaten with me or basically have ever spoken to me about food are aware of my deep true love for "One Pot" dinners.  Perhaps it came about from my dad who mixes everything together, my mother's love for Shepard's pie or the years after college trying to create a tasty dinner on a shoe string (ie: whatever is in the pantry) dinner.  Whatever the reason over the years I like to think that I have elevated the one pot meal from rice n' beans to more elaborate stews and risotto's that take a full Sunday to create. 

So it is no big leap to think that when I was faced this evening with a fridge full of leftover veggies and basmati rice from Indian Take out that the end result would be a simple Fried Rice straight out of "Better Homes and Garden- More from Your Wok" Cookbook.  This great and easy cookbook was past down from Mama Q a few years ago. It quickly has become a go-to cookbook in my kitchen.  (To push home how loved this cookbook is.. Mama Q purchased this book new in 1983!)

I gathered on the counter all the goodies for this quick and tasty meal: leftover rice, garlic, ginger, green onion, assorted veggies, frozen edamame and frozen shrimp.  A quick saute of all your ingredients in cooking oil and a mix of soy sauce/beaten egg and TADA!  Dinner is served!

A hearty bowl of this just as good as any local take out and was ready before it would even be delivered! Not to mention when it comes to clean up you only have one pot!  I am off to enjoy this delicious dinner.

Have a great night!